Switzerland – HELVETIC VAPE

Helvetic Vape is an independent Swiss association for the protection of the interests of personal vaporizer users, founded in November 2013. The goal of Helvetic Vape is to promote and defend vaping in Switzerland. Millions of users worldwide have successfully quit smoking tobacco through switching to various nicotine delivery systems. These systems are a fantastic […]

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Vapers in Power is a UK political party created to protect the voice of vapers and uphold the right of smokers and ex-smokers to practise harm reduction using all types of e-cigarettes. We support the freedom to: vape outdoors in public areas vape outdoors in private areas with the permission of the owner or landlord […]

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Finland – VAPERS FI

The association’s purpose is to reduce the harm caused by smoking by reducing smoking and increasing awareness of e-cigarettes and other tobacco harm reduction products. Vapers Finland publishes and translates research into Finnish and aims to inform and influence legislation on e-cigarettes. In addition, the association organizes each year, Finland’s largest vape event, Vapefest Finland. […]

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Hungary – Villanypára Egyesület – Vaper.hu

Vaper.hu was established with the aim of supporting and helping people who want to quit smoking or are looking for smoke-free alternatives or who no longer smoke. Our main goal is to provide information, correct information, information and personal examples, to help those who want to quit smoking, and to protect their interests. Organizing and […]

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Belgium – Union Belge pour la Vape – Belgische Damp Bond (UBV-BDB)

The objectives of the non-profit organization are as follows; to raise funds and human resources to be able to challenge abusive laws and rules regarding vaping. Other objectives are protecting and promoting vaping as well as providing the necessary information and education. Our ultimate goal is a free, efficient and affordable vaping business. We intend […]

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Canada – THRA

Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada is a Not-For-Profit consumer advocacy group. THRA mission is to promote the availability of effective, affordable and reduced harm alternatives to smoking by increasing public awareness and education; to encourage the testing and development of products to achieve acceptable safety standards and reasonable regulation; and to promote the benefits […]

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RDTA was created by former and current smokers in order to have means of expressing ideas together about Tobacco Harm Reduction. It is a non-profit association that advocates to defend the right to use vaping products, in all their forms. It also disseminates information among its members and society in general about the ​undeniable​ truth […]



ÖDC – Austrian Vapers Customer Association is representing the interests of all Austrian vapers. The official Association was founded to represent over 250,000 vapers in Austria against media, government and ministeries who wish to deny us our rights to vape. Our goal is to get vaping respected as an alternative to smoking as well as […]

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