USA – NOT Blowing Smoke

Not Blowing Smoke is a nonprofit corporation formed in response to the California Department of Health’s misleading anti-vaping campaign, which to date, has spent upwards of $15 million dollars of taxpayer money. The organization was founded in March 2015 by Stefan Didak, a nationally recognized consumer advocate for vapor products with assistance from Jason Downing. […]

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Sweden – NNA Sweden

NNA Sweden is a tobacco harm reduction promoting Swedish NGO in the global network of civil society organisations. The aims of all members are to secure harm reduction product regulation that recognizes fundamental human rights to best attainable level of mental and physical health as individual and universal. Youth protection against tobacco and nicotine […]

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Norway – Norwegian Union of Vapers (NUV)

Norwegian Union of Vapers (NUV) work for an acceptable government regulation, makes information available to smokers, vapers and other interested parties, and promotes the availability of vaping as an effective harm reduction option for nicotine addicts. We have no affiliation or financial interest in the sales and production of equipment or e-liquid. Norwegian Union of […]

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Pro-Vapeo México is the first non-profit all consumers NGO in Mexico that stands for the rights of Mexican consumers of non-combustible nicotine products. Currently, usage of these products is legal but sales and marketing are illegal. While e-cigarette use is booming some private charities and health authorities have been mounting an insidious disinformation campaign. Most […]

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Germany – IG-ED

The IG-ED e.V. is the first consumer organisation of German speaking e-vapers. We work voluntarily and independently of producers and dealers. Our goal is to inform about the e-cigarette as well as to correct the manifoldly circulated misunderstandings and faulty information. IG-ED e.V. does not represent any commercial interests – the activities are solely based […]

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The Spanish Users of Personal Vaporisers Association is a non-profit organisation created to defend the right of every adult person to use vaping products. The Association also aims to analyse and disseminate the scientific studies published about these products, to disclose truthful information about personal vaporizers and their correct use, to ensure proper marketing of […]

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India – Association of Vapers India (AVI)

Association of Vapers India (AVI) is a registered nonprofit consumer advocacy group that promotes harm reduction as a tobacco control strategy for the country’s 275 million tobacco users, 1.35 million of whom die every year. Formed in 2016, AVI works towards pro-THR legislation by sensitising authorities, moving courts to challenge bans, facilitating research and creating […]

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