INNCO converged on Geneva to attend the COP8 this week. Our application for observer status was in limbo as we had not been advised of the decision hence we applied for entry via public gallery.

Despite the process for public access being changed the previous night at 11:30pm, the advocates were able to gain entry to the public gallery.

In summary:
  • Grasping for financial support takes precedence over Public health
  • Open and Transparent does not mean public accountability.
  • Tobacco Harm Elimination (quit or die) over Tobacco Harm Reduction (industry construct)

WHO should reject prohibition and acknowledge ‘tobacco harm reduction’ and risk-proportionate regulation of tobacco and nicotine products that do not involve combustion as part of an effective harm reduction strategy, which is required and defined by Article 1(d) of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Treaty (FCTC)

We are the representative organisation for over 30 consumer nicotine consumer organisations globally and are concerned by the apparent support of WHO and the FCTC Secretariat for outright bans or over-regulation of low-risk alternatives to combustible tobacco. Items such as electronic cigarettes, snus and other novel nicotine products that do not involve combustion, which are often collectively referred to as either ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) or ANDS (Alternative Nicotine Delivery Systems) have been studied by independent scientists worldwide and have been shown to carry 5% or less risk than combustible tobacco.