INNCO is a global non-profit consortium of volunteer member organizations in 35 countries.  We promote the rights and well-being of 98 million people worldwide who use safer nicotine in order to quit or reduce use of toxic forms of tobacco.

We envision a just society in which the use and regulation of safer nicotine is grounded in evidence, compassion and human rights; a world where safer nicotine’s many cognitive and health benefits (including, not least, smoking cessation) are recognized and embraced by the public, policy makers and the global health community.


The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) was formed in 2016 to represent consumers of low-risk, alternative nicotine products and to promote Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) on the global stage.

THR is a public health policy that respects individual autonomy, empowers consumers to make safer choices, and offers pragmatic solutions to combating use of high-risk forms of tobacco. It is an alternative to the ‘quit or die’ mindset prevalent among WHO FCTC and its member  governments who impose restrictive regulations and bans on risk-reduced nicotine products in pursuit of unrealistic tobacco elimination goals.

We are driven to make consumers an integral part of THR discussions worldwide by helping develop and strengthen member organisations of the INNCO community.


Lars Ramström, felicitations on your 90th birthday! – A birthday card with a bit more than fits on a birthday card

It is with great honour and pleasure that INNCO belatedly congratulate you on your 90th birthday, including passing on the well wishes from almost 35 member organisations around the world supporting...

INNCO Seeking Global Communications Director

GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) was formed in 2016 to represent people who use safer nicotine products. INNCO brings together the...


Denying Access to Safer Nicotine Products in Low- and Middle-Income Countries Will Endanger the Lives of 800 Million People Geneva, Switzerland, March 16, 2021 – The International Network of...

INNCO Submits Comments to UK All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping

INNCO Expresses Concerns about WHO and FCTC Direction on COP 9 and Harm Reduction for Tobacco On 1 February 2021, INNCO submitted comments to the U.K. All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping...

INNCO Calls for Sensible Regulation of Nicotine Alternatives in Vietnam

Global Advocacy Organisation Stresses Need for Consumer Access to Tobacco Harm Reduction Products HANOI, Vietnam, Jan. 27, 2021  -- The International Network of Nicotine Consumers Organisations...

INNCO Submits Comments to World Health Organization Executive Board re Report of the Tenth Meeting of the WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation

The World Health Organization's Executive Board is considering a number of items at its January meeting, one of which is Provisional Agenda item 22  EB148/47 regarding the Report of  the Tenth...

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INNCO receives funding from the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World, a US nonprofit private foundation, which is independent from its funder, PMI. INNCO receives no funding from industry and is controlled by its members. Our members are financially independent and structurally autonomous organisations representing the interests of consumers in their country/region.