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Press Release - INNCO - Popcorn Lung Myth

Press Release – This long-debunked myth keeps popping up:  

In 20 years of safe use, “popcorn lung” has never been reported in any of the world’s 82 million adult nicotine vapers Geneva, Switzerland, 17 November 2022 - For many years, nicotine has been demonised by tobacco control “experts” to discourage smoking. While ending smoking should be EVERYONE’s collective goal, violating Truth-Telling to achieve that goal is unethical. Worse still, it condemns smokers to a needless death sentence without giving ...
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INNCO - The International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations

Press Release – INNCO is outraged!

A tobacco company that makes cigarettes just bought the first and only tobacco company on Earth that had stopped making deadly cigarettes Geneva, Switzerland, 14 November 2022 - INNCO wishes to express its horror at the recent purchase, by Philip Morris International (PMI), of Swedish Match, the only tobacco company that has ever voluntarily quit making combustible cigarettes. INNCO, a non-profit alliance of 37 non-industry independent volunteer-led member organisations around ...
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This Needs to Stop!INNCO Calls Out Harm Reduction Deniers for Routinely Slandering and Intimidating People Who Use Safer Nicotine (PWUSN) to Avoid Toxic Forms of Tobacco

Geneva, Switzerland, 17 August 2022 - A recent paper by researchers at the University of Bath, published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), found that “almost three-quarters” of 23 people in the tobacco control field say they feel harassed by ex-smokers who have become harm reduction advocates. Bath researchers found, “The most frequently reported forms of intimidation were discreditation on social or traditional media, legal threats/action and threatening messages.” INNCO ...
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Evidence Wins Out as Philippines Takes a Huge Step Forward in Favour of Public Health

Geneva, Switzerland, 15 August 2022 - INNCO congratulates the government of The Philippines for siding with public health evidence and taking a huge leap towards preserving the health of millions. Despite interference from anti-harm reduction activists, the Philippines has embraced harm reduction to help smokers quit, reducing health risks for people who use toxic forms of tobacco. This approach could save the lives of 16 million Filipinos. Allegations of illegal ...
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