Notice of Departure – Charles A. Gardner PhD.

The Governing Board of INNCO wishes to notify its members and the general public of the departure of INNCO’s former Executive Director, Mr Charles A. Gardner PhD.

Charles joined INNCO in April 2021, and was responsible for leading the activities of INNCO’s secretariat to support its members and drive the global movement for tobacco harm reduction. During his tenure, Charles championed several causes within INNCO, such as promoting public knowledge about the benefits of safer nicotine, including its therapeutic benefits, and the widespread misinfodemic about vaping. Charles is a man of science and values the use of evidence to make convincing arguments in favour of harm reduction.

The Governing Board of INNCO thank him for his service, both to INNCO and the furtherance of global tobacco harm reduction and wish him well in his future ventures.

INNCO will continue to move forward in supporting its member organisations, using our power of communication and collaboration to further global efforts towards the adoption of rights- based, risk-relative and balanced harm reduction strategies as a legitimate human right.