Press Release – INNCO Flavour Study – will be available again once the report is available

INNCO Analysis of Antivaping Arguments – Report removed temporarily to correct language translation errors from original.

United Kingdom

INNCO  EU Taxation Submission – 22 June 2021

INNCO Comment to All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping Inquiry – 27 May 2021

INNCO Comment to All Party Parliamentary Group for Vaping Inquiry


INNCO Submits Comments to World Health Organization Executive Board re Report of the Tenth Meeting of the WHO Study Group on Tobacco Product Regulation


INNCO Submission to Senate Select Committee on Tobacco Harm Reduction 4 November 2020 

INNCO Submission to Therapeutic Goods Administration 11 November 2020 regarding interim decision on the amendment of the current Poisons Standard in relation to nicotine

INNCO Submission to Therapeutic Goods Administration 9 July 2020 In Support of Proposed Amendment to Exempt Tobacco Prepared and Packed for Heating from Schedule 7 of the Poisons Standard


INNCO Submission to Food & Drug Administration 3 June 2020 Re FDA Draft General Guidelines for the Regulation of Vapor Products and Heated Tobacco Products


Mexico Country Vaping Report – May 2018

High Level Commission on NCDs

INNCO Comment to Consultation

INNCO Announcements

INNCO Science Advisor – Dr. Riccardo Polosa

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific Statement on Harm Reduction

Asia Pacific

INNCO Asia Pacific Regional Meeting Summary

Submission to the Government of Taiwan, Tobacco Hazards Prevention and Control Act Amendment Bill – 5 March 2017


Swedish government offers no opposition to the legal challenge to rescind the European Snus ban

Tobacco Excise Directive

Statement on the Revision of the EU Tobacco Excise Directive – 16 February 2017

UKCTAS WHO Critique Response Report – October 2016

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INNCO Press Release

Swedish Press Release

Spanish Press Release


(ORIG SPANISH) WHO Ignores Voices of 20 Million Exhumators (La Oms Ignora Las Voces de 30 Millones de Exfumadores)

Research / Evidence

What are low risk nicotine products?

E-Cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products are considered by the majority of public health bodies, scientists and medical physicians to be much safer than combustible tobacco. Read More