Notice of Retraction. 

Press Release – For immediate release

Geneva, Switzerland, 28 January 2023 – Following an internal review, INNCO’s Governing Board has decided to retract the open letter from Mr. Charles Gardner to Mr. Michael Bloomberg published on 24 January, with immediate effect. 

Whilst well-meaning, and expressing the deep frustration felt by many consumers and advocates about the fierce opposition towards harm reduction instigated by many Bloomberg-funded organisations, the Board is of the opinion that the overly aggressive tone and language expressed in this letter is inappropriate. 

It does not reflect INNCOs ethos, that the way to prevent billions more tobacco-related deaths relies first and foremost upon a process of constructive dialogue and candid but polite communication. 

The board wishes to express its sincerest regret if any of the comments contained in this letter have caused negative sentiment or tarnished the reputation and standards upheld by the INNCO organisation. 

INNCO represents the interests of over 100 million users of safer nicotine products worldwide, and of 1.4 billion users of toxic tobacco products who can benefit from harm reduction and find themselves excluded from the policymaking process. 

Towards this end, we remain committed to respectful dialogue, discussion and professional conduct not only with Mr. Bloomberg, but with all legitimate stakeholders.

Rob de Lange
President of INNCO Governing Board