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Rob de Lange

Rob de Lange


Rob de Lange chairs Acvoda, the Dutch non-profit organisation which supports Harm Reduction alternatives for consumers, since 2018. Acvoda strives to inform consumers on the risks and benefits of Harm Reduction alternatives to smoking, based on unbiased , peer reviewed studies and scientific research.Mr. de Lange holds the view that only truth based factual information can withstand scrutiny and form a formidable defense against inappropriate regulations and non Harm Reduction based Tobacco regulating ideologies.

As Acvoda’s chair, he holds meetings with consumers, scientists, researchers and policy-makers and acts as a liaison for the Dutch e-cigarette trade organisation, as well as writing various media articles on Harm Reduction. With various certifications in IT-security, Mr. de Lange is well equipped to discern facts from fiction.


Ángeles Muntadas Prim

Ángeles Muntadas-Prim

Vice President

Ángeles Muntadas-Prim chairs the Spanish Association Supporting Vapers (ANESVAP). ANESVAP was formed in 2014 and is the only association in Spain defending vapers’ rights.

Ms. Muntadas-Prim is co-founder/organiser of the THR Summit Spain (2018), which gathered tobacco harm reduction experts from around the world. She’s also been instrumental in promoting the Tobacco Harm Reduction Platform in Spain (2019) for doctors and scientists and in the creation of AHL Provape, a network of organisations in Latin America focused on vaping and THR.

As ANESVAP’s Chair, she meets with various politicians, doctors, medical associations, and media to advocate for consumers and promote THR. She also attends various events such as the ICO-WHO Symposia, GFN in Warsaw, the European Parliament, and political rallies in order to ensure that consumer interests are represented.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Barcelona University, a Master Degree in Pigmented Ceramics in China and the Islamic World, and a Degree in English Language.

Krisztian Pifko

Krisztian Pifko


Former four packs a day smoker, an avid vaper since 2011, Mr. Pifko has been battling harmful regulations on national and European levels since 2012 to ensure that vaping remains an accessible alternative for all smokers.

As spokesperson, now vice chairman, of the Hungarian Vapers Association, he launched the EFVI European Citizens Initiative, organised protests, orchestrated the Hungarian premiere of “A Billion Lives,” and launched court challenges against the Hungarian government.


Joseph Magero



Joseph Magero is the Chairman of Campaign for Safer Alternatives (CASA), a pan-African organization that advocates for the adoption of tobacco harm reduction policies in Africa. As the unifying voice for consumer organizations, CASA promotes the exchange of information and potential actions to reduce exposure to tobacco-related harm.

Joseph has previously worked in the tobacco control arena for nearly a decade. His involvement entailed creating smoke-free environments, mandating bigger health warnings, making cigarettes more expensive as well as restricting advertising and marketing. He has since become an ardent tobacco harm reductionist, lobbying for the reduction of smoking-related diseases and mortality in Africa by advocating for reduced risk products for cigarette smokers.


Claude Bamberger

Claude Bamberger

Board member

A normal citizen who happened to smoke, like 30-40% of the French population, until he tried a vape by curiosity in 2013 and found it full of potential compared to smoking cigarettes. Improved its experience with, and knowledge of, vaping and “inadvertently” stopped smoking.

He joined Aiduce (French vapers association, partner of French Public Health for the “Mois Sans Tabac” yearly operation, member of AFNOR vaping products standards commission, presiding AFNOR e-liquid certification commission) to defend and inform himself as a consumer, to know if there was, and try to correct, any issues on products quality/security and then defend others like himself against unfounded or inappropriate regulations.

He now helps other people quit smoking in support groups online and sometimes in hospitals with doctors.



Tomas O Goman

Tomás O’Gorman

Board member

Tomás O’Gorman – Mexican lawyer and Corporations Law and Successions Law teacher at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. Ex-smoker and vaper since 2016. Co-founder of “Pro-Vapeo Mexico”, a Mexican consumer association that advocates for tobacco harm reduction and non-combustible alternatives.