Jeffrey Zamora

Social Media Director

Jeffrey Zamora is the president of Asovape Costa Rica (Pro-THR consumer organization) and board member of ARDT Iberoamerica, an alliance of consumer organizations advocating for tobacco harm reduction in the Iberoamerican region. He smoked for 17 years and is one of those “accidental quitters by vaping” as he tells his story to get involved in THR: “I bought a nicotine vaporizer just to reduce the number of combustible cigarettes I smoked daily, which was around 30, didn’t want it to quit, I have tried quitting many times before with no success but started vaping 6 years ago and the transition to this less risky alternative was so easy, I just quit smoking with practically no effort”. Jeffrey Zamora has been working in Social Media and Marketing with NGOs, Government Entities, and Commercial Brands.