PRESS RELEASE: New Beginnings and Future Focus

The Governing Board and General Secretariat of INNCO, as announced in our earlier Newsletter, has further developed its administrative structure to meet the challenges and opportunities that the future is sure to present. INNCO has been in search of new talents and skills to improve its Board and General Secretariat (pro bono) staff. It is with great pleasure we announce that several very qualified candidates have stepped up.

We welcome: Krisztian Pifko (Hungary), John Summers (UK), and Ingmar Kurg (Estonia), as new members to the board – In addition, John Summers has been
appointed as treasurer of the board.

There have also been changes of the responsibilities for some existing board members.

Kim Dabelstein Petersen, the Board and Secretariat liaison, has stepped down from the Board to shoulder the obligation of acting as Interim Secretary General – in the process of finding a professional permanent long-term addition to our team.

Judy Gibson has accepted the responsibilities of maintaining relations between INNCO and the member organisations as the Director of Member Services and will continue the fabulous work she has done during INNCO’s birthing and early growth. Her exhaustive efforts have resulted in the creation of a body fit for the future, and one which will be resilient and flexible enough to face the challenges which lie ahead.

The Board and administrative staff positions are as follows:

Governing Board Members
N. Sutthoff – President
J. Woessner – Secretary
J. Summers – Treasurer
A. Muntadas-Prim Lafita
I. Kurg
K. Pifko

General Secretariat Officers
K. Dabelstein Petersen – Secretary General (Interim)
O. Théraulaz – Chief Financial Officer
J. Gibson – Director, Member Relations
E. Atakan Befrits – Chief Operations Officer

Regional Network Contacts
N. Sutthoff  – Asia-Pacific
K. Dabelstein Petersen – Europe
J. Woessner – North America
A. Muntadas-Prim Lafita – South America
E. Atakan Befrits – Middle East/Africa


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