UK – VAPERS.ORG.UK is a website run by Vapers for Vapers. Collecting news and comments from around the world with regard to vaping. We are all volunteers and not funded in anyway by any aspect of “Big Industry” be it Electronic Cigarette, Tobacco or Pharmaceutical.

The initial aim is to try and collate all the multitude of useful links that appear around the internet via Social Media into one place, hopefully on a daily basis in the “Latest News” section. Bigger stories that require or justify further comment and correction with fact appear in the “Features” section. We also have a “Campaigns” section this includes petitions be they Local, National or International. Protest and Meets, Media Campaigns, and basically anything that requires YOUR support.

There can never be enough positive information about Electronic Cigarettes in the Public domain and it’s our mission to ensure that we add to it as much as we can.

This will hopefully in time lead to bigger things, but in the meantime serves as a quick reference point for anyone looking to quote fact at some of the fictional articles that appear in the press, or as a starting point for anyone new to vaping who is looking for up to date and accurate information on electronic cigarettes and vaping in general.

Another important aim is to provide an independent server for documents that appear in the public domain then mysteriously disappear overnight! They may be leaked “official” documents or simply screenshots of drunken ramblings by people who simply deny the bigger health benefits of vaping!