Krisztian Pifko

Board Member Former four packs a day smoker, an avid vaper since 2011, Mr. Pifko has been battling harmful regulations on national and European levels since 2012 to ensure that vaping remains an accessible alternative for all smokers.  As spokesperson, now vice chairman, of the Hungarian Vapers Association, he launched the EFVI European Citizens Initiative, […]

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Uche Olatunji

Treasurer An entrepreneur and Project Manager of THRNIGERIA – a consumer and advocacy group for tobacco harm reduction aimed at bringing awareness on nicotine and safer alternative uses through unbiased scientific resources. With years of experience in Customer Service Management in Banking and Telecommunication, He has been able to manage projects and human resources and […]

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Frank Tinmannsvik

Board memberFrank is the deputy chairman of the Norwegian Union of Vapers (NDS), a non-profit vaping organisation that work for legal and safe vaping in Norway, through frequent contact with the Norwegian health authorities. NDS is also an official hearing partner for tobacco and nicotine related issues in the Norwegian Parliament. Due to Frank’s vast […]

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Tomás O’Gorman

Secretary Tomás O’Gorman – Mexican lawyer and Corporations Law and Successions Law teacher at Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. Ex-smoker and vaper since 2016. Co-founder of “Pro-Vapeo Mexico”, a Mexican consumer association that advocates for tobacco harm reduction and non-combustible alternatives. […]

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Board member Joseph Magero is the Chairman of Campaign for Safer Alternatives (CASA), a pan-African organization that advocates for the adoption of tobacco harm reduction policies in Africa. As the unifying voice for consumer organizations, CASA promotes the exchange of information and potential actions to reduce exposure to tobacco-related harm. Joseph has previously worked in […]

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Ángeles Muntadas-Prim

Vice President Ángeles Muntadas-Prim chairs the Spanish Association Supporting Vapers (ANESVAP). ANESVAP was formed in 2014 and is the only association in Spain defending vapers’ rights. Ms. Muntadas-Prim is co-founder/organiser of the THR Summit Spain (2018), which gathered tobacco harm reduction experts from around the world. She’s also been instrumental in promoting the Tobacco Harm […]

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Rob de Lange

President Rob de Lange chairs Acvoda, the Dutch non-profit organisation which supports Harm Reduction alternatives for consumers, since 2018. Acvoda strives to inform consumers on the risks and benefits of Harm Reduction alternatives to smoking, based on unbiased , peer reviewed studies and scientific research.Mr. de Lange holds the view that only truth based factual […]

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